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Bhardwaj associates Law Firms (LLP) is a legal firm, comprehensively deals with legal services in the North India. The range area of the firm in legal fields are in the Civil, Matrimonial, Criminal, Service Matters at CAT & AFT (Armed Forces Tribunal), NGT (National Green Tribunal) cases etc at Distt Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of India.
Our strength is the depth of our knowledge, client relationships, industry wise specialisation, and availability of qualified and well prepared expertise, our innovative approach to provide quick and speedy legal services.
Welcome To Bhardwaj & Associates

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Bhardwaj associates Law Firms

Our firm is focused on our clients’ demands for an exceptional legal service model that provides value. We understand that, for clients, value is not a mere hourly rate comparison. Value means efficient processes for tracking and reporting; creative approaches to reducing legal risk; enhanced cost certainty; and RESULTS. With each representation, our team is focused on the desired results. While some firms may only focus on the next step in the process, our team focuses the strategy at each stage of litigation on the end result. Focusing on the client's preferred result is an integral part of the strategic process for each case.

Professionalism & Positive Results
Our staff is comprised of a team of professionals dedicated. We treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee realistic, honest advice that achieves results. Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We have been working with legal professionals over eight years. We have over three years of achieving unprecedented results for our clients.


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